Name: Mono Dual 721
Genre: EBM/Electro/SynthPop
Origin: Austria
Label: Dark Wings
Distribution: PlasticHead / Ingrooves
Releases: Album “Zweite Staffel” / 03.2021, Album “Erste Schritte” / 2016.

After “Erste Schritte” now the “Zweite Staffel”, after days of working and making. The missing genitive here is intended and so wanted. An impetus / offer to adjust to different angles on being, with the claim not to neglect the “danceability” in the process.

The music is melodic, but also still loud. Unless you don’t turn it up so much, because that still depends on the individual volume setting. Often it is also a homunculus of abstrusities, an outsider
who is doomed to be alone forever and finally realizes for himself, within the framework of the wisdom of last conclusions that it is nice to be at least in the world.

Nomen est Omen – MONO DUAL 721 – ambivalence in audible form.

Line Up:
Rudolf Salhofer – vocals
Robert Fichtinger – bass
Christoph Salhofer – guitar